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How to Design Socks for Sublimation?

Socks for Sublimation

Sublimating Socks are one of the popularly growing trends in the fashion world. People are taking so much interest in this new fashion scheme. If you are still new to this term and do not know how the technology works with them, read the article and learn how the socks for sublimation can be designed and why they are famous in the market. The socks have so much potential to grab customer’s attention, and the market agrees to it. From 2018 to now, the market started from $11.7 Billion, which has doubled itself with an average growth of 10.09%. However, the reason is these custom sublimated socks are occasion-oriented and will make you unique in every event.

Sublimation Printing | Brief Introduction

Generally, sublimation is a scientific term for transforming a solid substance into a gaseous state without converting it into liquid. It means the substance only stayed in two states, solid and gas, which only happens at a specific temperature and pressure. Now, you must be wondering what it has to do with the printing. Sublimation Printing means transferring the design from the paper to a piece of material such as polyester or polyester mix. The process usually involves printing the design on a paper sheet and then transferring it onto a shirt, sock, or fabric.

Why does everyone want customized sublimated socks?

Everyone wants to follow the fashion trends to give their personality an aesthetic and classy look. The ever-evolving trend of the fashion industry is “Be occasion-oriented with customized fashion styles.” Seems appealing? Well, the thing is, the customized designs explore the uniqueness of your personality and allow you to wear your own fashion sense. The comfort factor is also unignorably for users who prefer sublimated socks. As a result, it is the fashion within the comfort package. Clearly, this is why everyone wants it.

Why is Sublimation Beneficial for Sock Design?

It provides a vibrant, full color and more durable look to the socks. It is the magic of Sublimation Printing that grabs the attention of everyone around. You can get the designs of anything, like logos, names, shapes, or pictures. It is a process like the normal embroidery. Moreover, some more benefits are given below:

  • It has an unlimited range of colors and shapes based on only four colors. Moreover, if you want to add more color to your design, there is no extra cost.

  • With vibrant colors that give excellent shades to any photographic image, it is more beneficial for image printing.

  • You can have complex all-over sublimated designs on the front and back of your fabric.

  • It does not peel off or show cracks after a while and looks completely embedded in the fabric.

  • The color of the print also does not fade away or remove after washing or using the fabric frequently.

  • After wearing the socks, you will not feel any hardness or itchiness due to the printed material. The fabric stays soft and light after printing.

  • More importantly, it is one of those styles which always stays in style. It means you can use it more frequently and for the long term.

Socks for Sublimation

How to design socks for sublimation in a more appealing way

If you need clarification about how to design your sock for sublimation. Don’t worry. We are here to assist you. We have given software tools, methods, and techniques to design the socks.

Software that can be effective while designing Socks:

1. Adobe Photoshop

The Adobe Photoshop is powerful for removing blemishes, objects, and people from photos. You can edit text with different styles and create logos with the help of software. It has a rich color palate and shade ranges. It can create any effect on your design.

2. Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is a vector graphic software famous for logos, graphics, and complex drawing illustrations. It is helpful if your design includes lines, curves, and shapes.

3. Corel Draw

Corel Draw is use for vector infographics, flyers, and logos for design printing. Its efficient workspace, advanced tracing, and clipping tool allow you to create various designs. It has tools to create vector-based art for sublimation.

4. Canva

A Canva very friendly raster graphic design software for sublimation designs. It provides you with multiple templates and thousands of ideas. You can easily use it for editing.

Steps that you should take to design socks for sublimation

1. Choosing the Right Sock Material

Usually, the fabric or material best for sublimation is made of one hundred percent polyester or 2/3 percent polyester. However, there are further types of fabric for sublimation:

Cotton Fabric

It is true that you cannot sublimate 100% cotton because sublimation will damage the cotton. However, an intermediary between the dying machine and cotton will greatly help you. If the cotton has a special polyester surface, you can easily transform the design from paper to cotton.


It is the best fabric for sublimation. It is because of its nature to grab the design material tightly and increase its quality. As the dye is in a gaseous form, it can easily enter the pores of the fabric. Moreover, the fabric does not catch wrinkles on it, which means there is a low risk of damage.

Synthetic Fibers

The fiber is made of acrylic or nylon. However, 100% use of synthetic fibers only stays for a short time. It blends 38% of rayon and 68% of polyester.

2. Selecting Color Schemes and Patterns

The color scheme matters a lot while creating the design. If you have choose fade or less fresh colors, there is a chance that the fabric will not look that attractive. Moreover, with customized ideas, the design's color should meet that object's actual colors. For example, if you want to put the image of your dog on it, it must be according to the actual colors or shading of the dog's skin. Otherwise, it would be challenging to recognize everyone. The software has different color schemes from which you can choose.

3. Creating Unique Sock Designs

Your designs must be unique. There are multiple ideas given on different platforms that you can choose. However, keep in mind if your socks are occasion-based. Then, try to design it according to that occasion. For example, if you want to design it for night use, you can create any night scene of stars and moon. And if you want socks for Christmas, design it with some Christmas tree look or red and white senta colors. Your graphic designing skills must be high and unique to create unique designs.

4. Adding Personalization Options

In software, there are personalization options that you can use while working with it. With the help of that, you can change the details and pattern of the given template. However, if you want to customize the template completely, you can also do that by using software tools.

Socks for Sublimation

Promotion of Sustainable Fashion Trends

It is entirely an Eco-Friendly Printing process that reduces the environmental impacts by minimizing the waste and pollution in the environment. It is the demonstration of a sustainable fashion environment. It is a sustainable option and an eco-friendly way to print the fabric, which lowers the pollution that is made due to dyeing and fabric production.

Environment Friendly

This dyeing system does not involve water usage at an intense level. You can use the same sublimating print for multiple other fabrics multiple times. Moreover, the paper used for the printing is easily reusable and recyclable. Overall, it is an environment-friendly process.

Eco Friendly

It is a source of exhaust printing; you can design more than one fabric at a time. The energy consumption is also very low as compared to the traditional ways. Furthermore, you can recycle polyester easily, which supports the environment.

What are the Future Trends in Sublimation Design Sock?

It is one of the growing trends in the fashion industry. There are types of areas where people are attracted to Best Sublimation Socks:

Athletic Socks

It is famous among athletes and sportspersons. Designing them with team names, logos, and other specifications is easy. Moreover, it is also famous for its moisture-socking ability for sports and games.

Custom Photos

With the help of sublimation, you can add photos of pets and personals such as family or loved ones. It is famous among teens and youngsters.

Sustainable Socks

Due to its increasing focus pf sustainability, recycling, and eco-friendliness. It is famous among businesses and supported by several fashion brands.


The designs involve pictures of food like tacos, pizzas, and other items, including images of animals and everyday things.

Design Occasion-Oriented Socks for Sublimation

The best thing about custom sublimated socks is they can be occasion-oriented. You do not need to worry about different designs and uniqueness if you have an idea about the occasion you choose this sock. For example, we have talked about Christmas before. So now think of the friend's night or girls' night. Being with your besties and wearing socks related to the occasion will make you the group's most passionate and enthusiastic candidate. Well, everyone wants to have every eye on the room on them.

Let your socks make sure that attention for you. Attracts the different Niche Markets. They attract the different areas of the market, such as:

  • Sports

  • Medical

  • Events like Christmas and Birthdays

Socks for Sublimation

Where do the Sock Designers for Sublimation stand in the market?

There are several positions for sock designers in the sublimation market. Sometimes, they work as graphic designers for different companies. Moreover, they can also work individually as freelance sock designers for sublimations. There is no doubt in the fact that designer for sublimation is in market demand and are getting high pay according to their skills and creativity level. Well, we know some of the success stories of people who started just as designers, and now they are running their own businesses. One of those businesses is Tylor Corporation, owned by Glen A. Tylor. He was an entrepreneur and owner of one the biggest graphic designer networks in the world and the largest graphic communication company in the USA. His passion for printing and hard work can be seen in the success of Tylor Corporation, now the multinational communication and electronics company that operates 65 manufacturing facilities worldwide. It is now home to millions of graphic designers showing their excellent creativity in the market.

How to find a reliable Sublimation Printing Partner?

Finding the right and Reliable Printing Partner is essential if you want satisfying services. It is not just because of even some time people use it for professional usage. For example, a group of friends in the office wants to wear the same socks or in some other official event. That is why the accuracy of the design and the skillful work of the printing partner is vital for the product’s success. You can find several companies on the Internet. However, for more efficiency and perfection in the work, contact Express It Las Vegas, Where we print your passion and creativity on the socks. We believe in better and more reasonable Printing Services in Las Vegas to accommodate our customers regarding fashion ideas. Do not wait and get the best and most sustainable services of sublimation printing from our experts.

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