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10 Best Custom Sticker Design Ideas for Car

Sticker Design Ideas for Car

Do you want to decorate your car with some custom stickers that will also express the different aspects of your personality? Stickers on cars are one of the most common things around car owners. You must have seen different cars with different types of promotional, safety, and funny stickers. Well, if you want to decorate your car with Personalized Stickers, we can introduce you to several sticker design ideas for cars. Keep reading the blog to the end to learn everything about the most interesting vinyl sticker design for cars.

Trend Analysis

Stickers on cars are highly popular among people of all ages. According to different surveys, 60% of cars have stickers on their bumpers. The car owners use these stickers to express their individuality and personality among people. These stickers are of different types; political support, brand promotion, religious or ethnic stickers, road safety, entertainment, and funny stickers.

Best Sticker Design Ideas for Car

1) Emojis like Smiley Face

2) Campfire Car Stickers

3) Mountain Car Stickers

4) Vintage

5) Skeletons

6) Typography

7) Cartoon Decals

8) Funny Stickers, memes etc

9) Favorite Superhero i.e Batman

10) Notice (Drive Safe Reminder, New Driver Announcement, Pet on Board, Baby on Board or any other traffic rule)

1. Emojis like Smiley Face

Sticker Design Ideas for Car

Do you want to shine the world with smiley faces while driving on the road on a sunny, shiny day? Well, we have got you covered with an amazing Sticker Design for Car. You can use emoji stickers to decorate your car. It will provide your car with an amazing look and will give a refreshing appearance to the people on the subway. To design these stickers, you have to consider shades of your car and stickers too to enhance its looks. Design the most aesthetic stickers and show them in the comment section.


2. Campfire Car Stickers

Sticker Design Ideas for Car

We all believe that “life is far better near a campfire”. If you are also a fan of campfires, you can use campfire theme-based stickers to increase the beauty and looks of your automobile. There are different types of stickers, such as colorful fire images or images of trees and cottages. The best thing about choosing this theme is you can use both plain and blank shapes, such as camp place signs or colorful images of fire, trees, and outdoor activities that you can perform during camping.

3. Mountain Car Stickers

Sticker Design Ideas for Car

Everyone who is a fan of hiking or mountaineering will definitely think of using the different colorful mountain designs to enhance the appearance of their Custom Stickers. You can use evening or more scenes with a bit of sunlight or clouds around the mountains to make your sticker more interesting and captivating.

4. Vintage Sticker Designs

Sticker Design Ideas for Car

Do you like styling in the past? If yes, we can suggest some of the vintage theme designs, such as you can use stickers based on old '90s cars and automobiles. If you have any interest in old travel tickets or lottery tickets that provide an appealing 90s look, that can also be an amazing choice to decorate your car with high-quality stickers. So, design your vintage sticker and tell the world about your amazing vintage taste in 90s styles.

5. Stickers with Skeleton Design

Sticker Design for Car

We are highly aware of a specific generation of people who like spooky art and spine-chilling sinister images. Do you also like them? Well, everyone who lines these types of themes and designs can easily use them to create different interesting stickers for their car.  So go spooky to create the most beautiful horror designs for your cars.

6. Typography

Sticker Design for Car

Let's forget the shapes and pictures for a moment and play with words. We are going to discuss one of the most interesting Sticker Design Ideas for Cars. Do you have any favorite words? Well, you can use different sayings and words with elegant font designs and color shades. The font designs, such as size and type, play a significant role in the creation of stickers. Moreover, you must know about font psychology before designing the topography, as each font has its own psychological impact on the minds of viewers. So, it would be great to take some professional advice before starting to create your own typography designs for car stickers.

7. Cartoon Decals

Design a Sticker for your Car

So, what was your favorite cartoon character in your childhood? Was it Barbie’s, SpongeBob, Miki Mouse, or something else? Well, most people like to use these stickers to decorate their cars. You can also use them to design your next car stickers. There are already available shapes and faces of the stickers that you can find on the internet. Several editing tools and software can help you customize your favorite cartoon. So do not wait to relive your childhood again. Decorate your car in the most beautiful manner.

8. Funny Stickers, memes, etc

Design a Sticker for your Car

Above all, several people like to write different funny lines of memes on their cars. This will show the world your taste in jokes and your sense of humor. So, spread the laughter and happiness around while driving around the streets.

9. Favorite Superhero, i.e. Batman

Vinyl Sticker Design for Cars

Are you interested in the world-famous, never-ending debate on what's better, Marvel or DC? If yes, answer this, “Are you a Marvel fan or a DC?” People who like these superheroes can simply use their photos to create stickers. Sounds like a fun time for fighter fans. So, create your car stickers using your favorite superhero and share them with us.

10. Notice (Drive Safe Reminder, New Driver Announcement, Pet on Board, Baby on Board, or any other traffic rule)

Vinyl Sticker Design for Cars

Apart from the fun and entertainment. You can use car stickers to spread road awareness. There are several stickers such as Drive Safe, stay in your lane, follow traffic rules, and several other stickers that can tell other drivers about different road safety rules. Plus, it will also show your maturity and sense of being a good citizen in your personality. Be a mature driver and tell the world about road safety.

Where can you place stickers on the car?

There are several places on your car where you can place stickers. For example, the most common places for stickers are bumper and windshield. Some people also use them for rear windows and side doors. However, for rear windows, you should choose the top or the corners to place your stickers. As it will not interrupt the front view. Moreover, for promotional stickers or road awareness stickers, people mostly prefer the back window of the car. As everyone can see, the sticker is from the back.

Tips and Tricks for Car Sticker Design

There are several things that you should keep in mind while creating stickers for your car. For example, you should keep in mind the color of the car and the size of the area where you want to place the sticker. For example, if you are willing to place it on the windshield, your sticker must be small and will not take the front side of the windshield as it will stop the front view, which is not cool for safety measures. Moreover, for doors use some horizontal or vertical-shaped stickers which will go with the door length or width.

Customization Options

The most important task in creating this sticker is to customize it according to your personality, which will show your individuality. Well, we have a team of expert designers and editors who will transform your personality aspect into any sticker design or shape you want to choose for your car. You can contact our team to take expert opinions.


In short, stickers on your car, no wonder, elaborate on different aspects of your personality and tell people how you see the world. Moreover, it is an amazing way to decorate your car and make it more personalized. So, do not wait; talk to the sticker experts at Express It. They can help you Design a Custom Made Stickers for your Car and also Print It for you. We are not only helping our clients with designing but introducing them to their true selves by helping them resurface their likes and hobbies. For more ideas, you can visit our online store, Eclipse Custom Design. You will find different styles and ideas to design your stickers. So, start working on it today!


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