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Custom Pet Stickers | Perfect Gift for Pet Lovers

Custom Pet Stickers

If you're looking for a perfect gift for your pet lover friend, then there is no better thing than custom pet stickers. Want to say “I love you” to your pooch? Get yourself a custom sticker of him. A pet sticker will consist of your pet's picture, edited with graphics elements, artwork, and fun designs that perfectly depict your pet's personality. Whether it is your pup’s cute little paws, wobbling tail, or adorable stretching pose, it could be a memorable sticker that would make you fall in love with your fluffy mascot even more. Where to use these stickers? Well, organize your space with these awesome stickers showcasing your pet's cuteness. Use it almost anywhere, your laptops, water bottles, cosmetic products, frozen products, fridge doors, and many more. Express It Las Vegas has the best customizable pet stickers for your company’s animal product packaging too. Let's delve into what makes our Personalized Pet Stickers the most adorable in the market.

Custom Pet Stickers

Reasons Why Our Pet Custom Stickers are better than others

The sticker market is worth more than 6 Billion, which is why our customizable experience and visual designs are what make our sticker-making services stand out from our competitors. We integrate quality graphic elements and details with affordable packages for bulk purchases. Our services also incorporate printing on your shirts, jackets, hats, and various other products and clothing items. Our ordering process is convenient to get connected as we work on your custom stickers. So without further ado let's get into, why choosing our service would be the best option for you.

High-Quality Customization

Getting stickers of your pet from us would be the best choice for your company's product. Wondering why? Our stickers are top-quality because they are durable and water-resistant. You can easily clean our stickers from stains and dust by only using a moist cloth. Let's see why our adorable stickers are highly purchased;

Durable Material

The factor that makes our Custom Made Stickers so good is the material it’s made of. We make our stickers from vinyl, polyethylene, and terephthalate material. These materials are highly waterproof making it a perfect choice for various applications. Moreover, vinyl is resistant to peeling or fading. This means your sticker won’t vanish anywhere for a long time.

UV Resistant Ink

We use highly UV-resistant inks. These inks are not only sustainable for UV radiations but also a wide range of temperatures. Environmental factors like rain, dust, and more cannot damage these stickers, making them very useful for various applications.


We add a lamination layer to your sticker. This layer gives it a glow and shine. It will look more vibrant and glossy. This layer makes it more water resistant. A vibrant look indeed is what you desire.

We test your Stickers

Now, before we deliver top-standard stickers to you, we get it across various tests. The testing includes durability, water, and temperature-resistant testing. We make sure that you receive what you desire efficiently.

Uniquely Personalized Pet Stickers

We provide personalized options for our customers. The ultimate personalized gift for our pet lovers indeed. All you need to do is take a picture of your pet. Then choose the size and quantity of your design. We will design the best possible sticker for you that would perfectly embark intense emotion between the pet and the owner.

Adding colors and text to your sticker with graphics elements and artwork makes every penny spent worth it. We carefully analyze what you need and customize designs in accordance, making a perfect experience for pet lovers to get endearing stickers for their needs.

Easy Ordering Process

We deliver photorealistic or accurately perforated Custom Sticker Sheets for your family or friends. All you need to do is take a picture of your pet or what you want to make a sticker about. Send your photos to with other design details. Then leave it to us as we customize the design and develop your sticker with quality inks and effective adhesives, that won’t go anywhere in the long run. So share your details now! To get customized stickers for your brand needs.

Variety of Options

We offer a wide variety of options for creating your stickers. Whether you require vinyl stickers, paper stickers, or die-cut stickers, we have it tailored to your needs with vibrant colors that would suit perfectly your brand or individual needs. These stickers are flexible as they can be reused, repositioned, or could be made permanent and our custom pet stickers option incorporates the following variety;

Vinyl Stickers

Custom Pet Stickers

Apply these vinyl stickers to your water bottles, cars, or laptops. Be careful since they are strongly adhesive and difficult to appeal once they are attached. Highly water-resistant is what makes them high in demand.

Paper Stickers

Custom Pet Stickers

A better choice for scrapbooks or notebooks is paper stickers. These stickers are easy to remove and reposition since they are not that durable. They are best for indoor applications.

Die-Cut Stickers

Stickers of Your Pet

Die-cut pet stickers can be cut into whatever shape you need. These stickers come in both paper and vinyl and are very fun to use.

Decal pet Stickers

Stickers of Your Pet

Utilizing decal pet stickers could be best for window decals and car decals. A highly unique and durable design for pet lovers. It resembles eye-catching designs that could be perfect for your cars.

Static Cling Stickers

Stickers of Your Pet

Get a static cling sticker for your holiday celebrations. These stickers are reusable and look astonishing on windows and more. They can be repositioned many times without leaving residue behind.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

About 3 Billion Stickers were bought last year. These ain’t just figures, people are crazy for them due to how engaging they look. Various aspects in Stickers of Your Pet are adopted that guarantee exceptional sticker styles and quality. Unlike other brands, we cater to the tailored experience of your sticker acquisitions. We deliver satisfaction with vibrant colors reflecting your brand promotion or art designs. Additionally, our stickers can be used for a wide variety of surfaces with long-lasting results. We satisfy our customers using a variety of templates, colors, text, styles, and more features for their sticker-making endeavor.

Competitive Pricing

Versatile and vibrant stickers could look perfect for laptops, bottles, shelves, mirrors, cars, or more. What's more pleasing is that these stickers are affordable. If you would compare our sticker's pricing on quality then cost-effectivity would stand out. With affordable customization, we create custom pet stickers with unique colors, text, fonts, sizes, shapes, and various other graphical elements for your design.

Custom Pet Stickers

Testimonials and Reviews

Our clients have been customizing eye-catching stickers at “Express It Las Vegas” for their pets. Their testimonial proves how we were able to edit their stickers with various graphical features. We modified their photos with text, images, colors, and engaging elements to lovely stickers.

Our esteemed customer Nara required stunning stickers for her family, friends, and pup. We delivered her a memorable design and she responded “I’m in love thank you so much for the great quality this is perfect I highly recommend great quality, great prices! I’m so happy” That is exactly what we want our clients to be, happy, excited, and joyful with their stickers.

While Ruhee was in a hurry. We were on time with her sticker design and got her gift shipped quickly. Indeed it was an amazing experience working with her. She was beyond satisfied and said “This seller did an amazing job!! Shipped well communicated throughout ordering process. I would highly recommended. My product was 100% as promised”

Another friend Reiney wanted her photos to be personalized as a gift to her friend. This is what she had to say about our design “Bought this as a gift and she LOVED them. Seller was excellent to work with!”

Yes, we are collaborative and very friendly as we work with our beloved customers to craft their awesome designs. All of our stickers were met with 5-Star Reviews, as we deliver designs beyond your expectations.

Feel free to check out more reviews on our ETSY shop, "EclipseCustomDesign," to see what others have to say about their experiences!

So get your sticker now!

Attention to Detail

Our attention to detail for your sticker is another essential part of our customized designs for Stickers for Your Pet. We bring vivid colors that retain color fidelity with time. These stickers won’t fade for sure.

Thinking about what we include in our drawings for flawless charm?

Our comprehensive styling strategy is what gives us a cutting edge over the market.

Comprehensive Styling

We equip your stickers with illustrations, animations, and other engaging elements. Our graphic designers and efficient photo editors enable high resolution with improved finished products. Various other styling, colors, fonts, shapes, and sizes also affect how your sticker looks with various visual designs that are perfectly crafted to your sticker design vision.

5 Custom Pet Stickers Design Ideas

Do you know custom sticker designs share the largest segment of 81%?

That is why you should opt for Custom Pet Stickers as other brands and individuals do. We facilitate you with various types of pet stickers that include name tag stickers, funny pet stickers, customizable stickers, and more.

Let’s go into details of what stickers we provide;

1. Name Tag Stickers

Personalized Pet Stickers

We provide custom name labels and tag stickers for your pets. Put these name tag stickers and badges on your pet to give him an adorable look.

2. Paw Print Stickers

Personalized Pet Stickers

Give us a print of your dog's paw and we will customize it in a sticker. Seal invitation cards, favor bags, holiday cards, and more for cute designs.

3. Funny Pet Expressions

Personalized Pet Stickers

Want a cool sunglasses-wearing pup sticker?

Then check for funny pet expression stickers that will make you laugh out with charming and funny looks. Whether you want a dude dog, crazy eyes dog, or cake dog, you name it and we make it for you precisely.

4. Pet Emoji Stickers

Custom Pet Stickers

Get various funny emojis for your promotional handouts, advertisements, or notebooks from your pet emojis. We provide custom emojis, designs, and emoticons filled with cuteness for your pet cat or dog.

5. Customizable Templates

Custom Pet Stickers

Get customized templates for your pet stickers, which will look adorable as we collaborate to bring unique designs for pet lovers. Use these stickers and designs for your posters, flyers, cards, and more, reflecting funny and interesting emotions.


Get captivating custom sticker designs equipped with enhanced graphics, illustrations, and animations at “Express It Las Vegas.” We also provide Bulk Stickers to vendors at affordable prices. Considering pet lovers' adorable sticker needs, we get their sticker-related queries answered. You can use these fascinating stickers on your laptops, water bottles, cars, cards, or for promotional purposes. So stay updated with our social media and get amused with our astonishing designs, products, promotions, and pre-related content. You can also avail our stickers with personalized artwork, by visiting our store “EclipseCustomDesign” on ETSY.

So share your lovely Floof’s photo and Order Now!


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