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Creative Typography Stickers Design Ideas

Typography Stickers

Do you ever buy any product due to its colored and beautifully designed logo or sticker?

Do colored stickers or logos of the brand leave a good impression on you and compel you to buy the product?

A survey proved that 70% of people buy a product by impressing from the colors and styles of the product logo and sticker. This is the power of Typography Stickers. Typography is arranging letters in a specified format using attractive colors and designs. Colors and font styles of stickers can evoke emotion and can stimulate the behavior to purchase anything.

Typography and Branding

Those days are gone when advertising was limited to newspapers and magazines. The world has become digitized, and so are the advertisement sources. Nowadays, even a barber shop has a website and social media handles with a specific brand identity. Do you have any idea what brand identity is? Brand identity is to convey your brand's message to your potential audience appealingly and quickly to grab the attention of your targeted audience. Typography is a solid tool to establish your brand identity. Choosing a font size and color for your logo and maintaining it throughout the website and all social media accounts gives constant graphics and sets a tone for your brand. This is brand identity.

History of Typography

Typography is not an innovation of this digital era; it has roots in the 11th Century. But before the digital age, it was limited to only books and magazines.

Let us tell you a surprising fact;

The font used in the Bible is known as Textura. Now, graphic designers have several fonts and color options to make stickers more attractive.

Types of Typography Stickers

Different types of Online Stickers are available for various occasions. You can change the audience's mood, emotions, and mind by selecting the suitable sticker.

Let's discuss different creative typography designs that can grasp the customer's attention.

1. Vintage Vibes

2. Hand-Lettered Delights

3. Minimalist Masterpieces

4. Nature-Inspired Typography

5. Vintage Candle Labels

6. Graffiti Artistry

7. Whimsical Whispers

8. Typography Collage

9. Interactive Typography

10. Cultural Fusion

11. Typographic Quotes

1. Vintage Vibes

Vintage Vibes

Are you in your 60s and feel nostalgic about your young age?

To recall memories, you can display beautifully crafted vintage vibes stickers in your room, lounge, or kitchen.

2. Hand Lettered Delights

Hand-Lettered Delights

Get a feel of happiness, joy, and motivation through hand-lettered typography stickers. If disappointed, sad, or hopeless, order hand letter stickers and paste them on your car, office, or lounge to get hope and motivation when you look at them.

3. Minimalist Masterpiece

Minimalist Masterpieces

Express your personality with minimalist stickers, well-spaced lines, clean fonts, and ultra-fine colors.

4. Nature Inspired Typography

Nature-Inspired Typography

Are you a nature lover?

Well, nature-inspired typography is for you. Enhance the beauty of your place with leaves, trees, mountains, and landscape stickers with the fine natural color selection, and nourish your soul by praising nature.

5. Vintage Candle Labels

Vintage Candle Labels

Get Candle Custom Labels in vintage typography and add a touch of the old days through these beautifully designed stickers with antique patterns and images.

6. Graffiti Artistry

Graffiti Artistry

If you are fond of street art and want long-lasting stickers that don't go away even after a long time, then graffiti stickers are for you. These stickers reflect street art with an amalgam of vibrant colors on a material made of plastic and paper. The combination of colors on a lasting material makes them attractive.

7. Whimsical Whispers

Whimsical Whispers

Elevate your place, car, laptop, or bag with the wonder, fun, and magic of the whimsical fonts, playful colors, and illustrations in the form of any character, quotation, or scene.

8. Typography Collage

Typography Collage

Combine different colors, fonts, and styles in one place to tell a story and explain emotions or memories. These collages may be in the form of pictures and words.

9. Interactive Typography

Interactive Typography

Are you looking for an appealing campaign to engage your customers?

There would be no better option than interactive typography. Grab your audience's attention with interactive stickers with bright colors, bold texts, emerging styles, and puzzles.

10. Cultural Fusion

Cultural Fusion

Embrace the fusion of various cultures through culture fusion stickers. These stickers explain the diversified cultures' connection in music, arts, food, traditions, etc. If you admire cultural fusion, display your thoughts through these stickers.

11. Typographic Quotes

Typographic Quotes

Motivate yourself, your loved ones, or your audience through attractive, suitable messages conveying fonts and colors. The Colors leave a significant impact on mood and emotions. So, make your sad friends happy by giving them gift quotes and stickers.

You can get the above mentioned stickers from our Online Sticker Printing store “Express It Las Vegas”.

Recent Font Trends in Typography

Over the years, typography has changed from a single Textura font size in black and white to various fonts with a massive collection of colors. Now, typography has become a significant tool for marketing. Designers understand the brand's mission and vision.

Let's discuss the different fonts and their impacts.

1. Voneto


This font style has Roman letters reflection. Due to the Roman letters' inspiration, it has traditional values. Designers use it for fashion brands because when these font styles are combined with modern illustrations, they deliver a good message of traditions with modesty.

2. Serif Fonts

Serif Fonts

These fonts have enough character presence and can enhance the brand's identity. These fonts have decorative space at the end of each letter, and adding any character or personality at the end of the text is easy. These are suitable for the business monograms and the company's brand identity.

3. Cooper Becker Black Outline P Regular

Cooper Becker Black Outline P Regular

These fonts represent funky styles. These fonts are perfect for stickers for laptops, school bottles, or any personal belongings.

4. Goudy Heavyface

Goudy Heavyface

These fonts are bold and represent a space between letters. These are very prominent and easy to read. So, the designers use these fonts for the stickers that convey a message, such as bumper stickers or stickers on the road.

5. Sans Serif Fonts

Sans Serif Fonts

Sans serif fonts are the first choice of designers for making stickers that have to deliver some serious and practical message because these fonts have high readability. So, using this font on practical stickers such as road stickers for directions is advisable.

6. Sequel Sans Black Body Text

Sequel Sans Black Body Text

This is also a trendy font style for practical and message-conveying stickers. These fonts are bold in black colors. Designers usually prefer to use them on a white background for a more convenient message.

7. DK Lemon Yellow Sun

DK Lemon Yellow Sun

This font style is for jolly and personalized use. Each letter in this has a random, deformed style that gives the handwriting look. You can use these fonts in personalized stickers to express your viewpoint.

8. Winter Day Script Streak

Winter Day Script Streak

This font style is very captivating. The letters look like they were painted with a paintbrush. The single letter of this style is highly recommended to create customized name stickers for personal belongings.

9. Prague Metronome Hairline

Prague Metronome Hairline

This is a very stylish and elegant font style. Its appearance is just like calligraphy style. It gives the feeling of handwritten material. The end of the font gives a stylish and decorative look. It is part of designing wedding cards, business cards, quotation kiss-cut decals, etc.

10. Hey Beibeh

Hey Beibeh

This font style is very stylish and suitable for designing celebratory events. Its appearance gives a sense of joy and celebration. If used on a metallic surface, it provides the best combination to create a typography sticker for events such as weddings, birthdays, baby showers, etc.

Color Selection in Typography

Colors are the foundation of good typography. They are an essential part of any aesthetic design. These are the colors that ensure readability by attracting the audience. The selection of Colors is a crucial step to convey the message to your audience. Moreover, the contrast between the text and background colors is vital to appealing typography. The following are some essential tips and tricks when choosing a color for typography.

Color Psychology

Understanding color psychology is very important when choosing colors for stickers. Different colors convey different meanings and have varied impacts on human emotions. For example, red creates urgency, evokes a mood, or communicates a message. West Coast labels mentioned in their blog that using red in advertisements Ads can increase sales by up to 20%.

Similarly, green represents health, nature, or money, while purple represents luxury and spirituality. So, if you are creating a sticker for a brand's sale campaign, you should go with red, but if you are designing a sticker for a pharmacy or health-related topic, you can choose green.

Combination of Colors

Using different colors for typography can enhance the readability of a message on the sticker. You can use other colors to make a good contrast. You can fill the colors inside the fonts to create gradient effects or to form icons and shapes. You can also use color schemes to elevate your design. For example, you can use a monochromatic color scheme for a simple and elegant look or a complementary one to create a vibrant and modest design look. Some more tips regarding color selection are below;

  • Try to avoid clashing colors. Use simple and elegant contrast for the background and text colors. Colors clashing can divert the audience's attention.

  • Try to opt for the same colors to create a brand identity. For example, if you have used a blue color in the logo, try adding the same blue color in the stickers and all posts on social media. This develops a bond with the audience; they recognize your products with your stickers even from a distance.

Maintain Layout and Hierarchy

Another innovative thing in modern typography is maintaining hierarchy using different style fonts and colors for the headings, subheadings, and main text. This helps to increase readability. Moreover, you should select the font size according to the sticker size. As the customers buy stickers to place on different items, e.g. bottles, laptops, bags, etc. so, sticker size should be according to the item's size to avoid any inconvenience of cutting stickers. Information should be symmetrical to the object size on the sticker to prevent cutting any information while pasting. Always record the client's requirements for Custom Sticker Printing to avoid any inconvenience letter.

Some Useful Tips and Tricks to Create Appealing Stickers with Captivating Typography

Putting all the above details in short, the following are the tips and tricks you should follow for sticker printing.

  • Understand the idea behind sticker messages, whether for marketing campaigns, personal use, or to convey a public message.

  • Choose the colors and fonts according to the concept of stickers. For example, Choose red for marketing campaigns, green for health-related stickers, and purple for marketing lavish products such as perfumes.

  • Maintain the hierarchy by focusing on the layout.

  • Use a combination of colors to enhance the readability.

Tools for Typography

Color and font selection are essential elements of typography. Using the best-matched fonts with a suitable color scheme is very important. Various free tools are available which offer both fonts and colors in one place, e.g.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.What is typography?

Typography is the arrangement of letters using different font styles and colors to make an impressive and appealing message. This is used for marketing campaigns, brand identity, and personal use.

Q2.What are the tips and Tricks to Create Stickers with the best typography practices?

Creating stickers with typography is an art. The tips involve the selection of colors and font styles and maintaining layouts. Moreover, it should maintain a good contrast and avoid color clashing.

Q3.Are there any free tools available for typography?

Different tools offer free color and font selection for designing typography. These tools are Coolors, Paletton, and Wordmark. It, and Fontjoy.

Q4. Which is the best online store for customized stickers in Las Vegas?

If you are looking for an online store that provides customized sticker printing, embroidery on shirts, custom vinyl printing, sublimation printing, or custom vinyl decals, then you should contact us.


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